Our Leads

We are the exclusive lead generation organization that consistently provides the most highly qualified franchise candidates of any franchise sales lead generator in the business. We believe that is because we can identify them and verify them before they come to you. We are confident that the franchise candidates we deliver to you will help you get the best return on investment (ROI) for your lead-buying dollars.

Every individual we deliver to you, as a franchise candidate is a person we spoke to over the phone. If you are talking to them, it is because we verified over the phone that they meet your financial specifications, that they live in a territory where you have an available franchise and that they have expressed an interest in your franchise category.

Our Candidates Are Financially Verified

One of the most important parts of our call is where we make sure that the candidate meets your minimum requirements for net worth and available liquid capital. If they do not meet these requirements, we do not send them to you and you are not charged for this candidate.

Our GEO Targeting is FREE

No matter how many times we verify the candidate for you, however, they will be worthless if you don’t have a franchise available where they want to buy one. That’s why Exclusive Franchise Leads can GEO target, or geographically target, your candidates based on State, County and Zip. So can our competitors. Unlike our competitors, though, at Exclusive Franchise Leads there is no additional charge for this service.