About Us

Our Story:

Exclusive Franchise Leads: Innovators of Franchise Sales Leads since 2004

Our Identity

Exclusive Franchise Leads is more than a sales lead generator. We are a franchise candidate generator. We are sure that our unrivaled approach will get you the candidate you want to get the results you need. There is the way all the other franchise lead organizations work, and then there is us. We are different, better, and anything but ordinary. We look at what has been done and turn it on its ear. We are proud of our innovation and the franchise candidates we find with it.

Our Process

Our success is the result of a proprietary technology that is joined with a process management that is unlike any other in our field. There are two parts of the process that we believe make the franchise candidates we send you better then any of our competitor’s sales leads.

First, we get a profile set with criteria that come from you as to whom you are looking for to become a franchisee. Once we have these parameters, we sort though all the leads we have captured to find the ones that fit your profile.

Having identified these leads as matches, we are now ready for the second part of the process that makes us so successful. Our team of professionals then contacts these matches to verify that they meet the financial requirements of your franchise. Once they have been spoken to on the phone and verified as a match, we send the franchise candidate to you.

Our Founder

Our Founder, Natalie Nutter, founded Exclusive Franchise Leads when she realized that Franchise Development representatives were demanding higher quality leads.

As a franchise consultant herself, she was frustrated by the amount of time she wasted tracking down leads that were neither qualified nor interested in her franchise category. She looked at how the lead companies were getting, capturing, and distributing their leads and saw an opportunity to improve the process.

Her career experience served her well toward achieving this goal. Natalie graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from Purdue. For the next 15 years after graduation, she learned everything there was to learn about Mechanical Design Automation. Her success in this field helped Rasna Corporation get on at #3 on the Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies list and later sell for $500 million to another tech company.

After her years in mechanical automation, she decided to apply that experience to business automation in the software development industry taking a position with Blue Martini Software. Her efforts with the start-up venture helped Blue Martini go public in only 2 years and with a $400 Billion peak market cap.

So with these successes and experiences in her toolbox, Natalie was able to look at the franchise industry’s sales lead generation models and turn them upside down. By taking a unique approach to finding, qualifying and verifying leads for her clients, she is able to provide a better quality product than her competitors and get her franchisor and franchise broker clients the results they need to hit their bottom-line goals.